Fan View:  Marty Oldroyd

Fan View: Marty Oldroyd


Whilst we await a decision on when the leagues can resume we are interviewing people from all corners of Ingfield, from players to volunteers to officials to fans. A couple of weeks ago we enjoyed a bit of banter with Luke Swinden, United Supporters’ Club Chairman and a lad with a long Albion past. To even things out, here’s the irrepressible Marty Oldroyd, once an Ossett Town fan, now United home and away.

Marty, why are you standing on this terrace with us? Why Ossett United?

I used to watch Leeds home and away but fell out of love with football and, with my first child on the way, decided to stop going. That didn’t last too long….it was 29th March 2014 and I was coming home from Wakefield with my wife and daughter when I saw a car with a Darlington sticker in its window. I was curious as to why a Darlington fan would be in Ossett, so after a quick google check I found out they were playing Ossett Town. I decided to give my wife a couple of hours peace and took Chloe (10 months old) to Ingfield. We saw a 2-1 defeat but I started getting the feeling of love for the game again. After that I went home and away with Ossett Town, hardly missing a game. Then the merger came about and I started doing the same with Ossett United.

Can you give us an account of your favourite experience with Ossett Town?

There are two from the Town days that stand out. The play off semi-final vs Scarborough in 2017. We were favourites for a bottom half finish, if not relegation dog fight, and against all odds got to the play-off against a very strong Scarborough side. Scarborough themselves, including the fans, were very very confident of winning the game. After a quick tour of the old town pubs we saw the lads play their best game of the season and came out 3-1 winners, to then meet Farsley in the play-off final. It unfortunately wasn’t to be as we lost 4-2 after being 2-1 up with three minutes to go.

The next one was the FA Cup 4th Qualifying Round, drawn away against conference side Solihull Moors.  We outplayed them to come away with a 1-1 draw. Replay at Ingfield and the winner would get a home tie against WYCOMBE! Again, we outplayed them but unfortunately they nicked it 2-1.

And what’s your favourite thing about Ossett United so far?

My favourite thing about Ossett United is meeting a new group of mates to share the awesome experience of a brand new club.  To see the amount of work both clubs and fans have done together really does show it was the right decision to merge and it shows we really are STRONGER TOGETHER.

From following both Town and United, what’s your favourite away ground and why?

Best away ground... I’ve been to a few.  I am not sure why I love this place so much but Kendal’s Parkside. It’s the first match I look for when the fixtures are announced. It’s got a great clubhouse and the steps behind the goal make for great viewing. Another favourite is Clitheroe but that’s mainly for the pubs!!

It’s one of my favourites too, Kendal. They used to have a nightclub at the ground called ‘The Park’. That was an experience on a Saturday night, I can tell you. But, anyway, moving on….have you any funny footy stories that are printable?

There are too many to choose as away days always provide the best entertainment. From Razz ordering wrong train tickets to Mossley and resulting in us missing train, to getting lost and walking through a corn field in Loughborough (LUKE SWINDEN!!), but here’s my favourite….

The first time we ever went to Mossley me and Chef got a train from Dewsbury. We had a few pints along the way, including an 8-minute pint in between trains in Huddersfield that resulted in me chasing a train and shouting at the conductor to stop the train, only for it to be the wrong one. Not a happy conductor! When we arrived in Mossley I put Google Maps on my phone and led the way down a very steep hill for about ten minutes. Chef said he didn’t think this was right and then I realised I had my phone upside down. We were going in completely the wrong direction. So we traipsed back up this very steep hill and finally back up to the train station. Now…if you’ve been to Mossley you know from the train station there are two easy ways to the ground, either the snaky road or a taxi.  But, oh no, not us! We went up the cobbles which is practically vertical, with a handrail all the way up!! Anyway, what should have taken us less than ten minutes took us nearly an hour, with me nearly killing Chef in the process. Finally, we got to the pub, where Chef needed a pint of oxygen rather than a pint of beer! 

That hill is a killer! Take a few seconds to get your breath back, Marty, then let’s have some quickfire questions. Who was your favourite player to don a Town shirt?

It has to be Danny Frost!! Brilliant player when fit and an awesome person off the field.

And your most respected Albion opponent?

Since we had the better players, that’s a hard one. The one that stands out as a player you hated to see on the team sheet was Rob Boardman. He always scored against us and made it known when he did!

Your favourite United player so far?

From past players when we first merged it would be Corey Gregory and Jason Yates. From the current squad George Green!

Your favourite food and drink?

Fry up and Guinness.

Your favourite holiday destination?

Boston, USA!

When we can travel again freely, apart from Kendal’s Parkside, where would you go first and with whom?

Disneyland with my wife and kids. We promised them we would go. Oh, and obviously any away day with the Ossett boys!!! I can’t wait to see everyone again.

If Benno had a goalkeeping crisis and scoured the terrace for a safe pair of hands before the game, handing you the gloves, what would be your walk out tune?

Accelerate by Riskee and the Ridicule. BEST SONG EVER!!!

What, for you, is the best thing about Ossett?

Being with your mates on a Saturday for a few hours, having a few pints and watching the team we love!! The away days are epic! So let’s enjoy them.

Finally, have you got a message for team?

Keep doing what you are doing and play like you did before lockdown. We as fans love you and will back you no matter what. Hope everyone’s families are well and staying safe and I can’t wait to be back at Ingfield cheering you all on.  To the rabble (fans).... love and miss you all. And can’t wait to see your ugly mugs again soon. STRONGER TOGETHER.

It has been said many times, but football is nothing without fans, particularly at our level. Thanks for your time, Marty, and merry Christmas to you and yours!

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